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About Me

Apocketsquarelife is created by Kevin Cherry. Coming from a family of sewers, and a grandfather who is a pattern maker, Kevin Cherry's talent was passed down through generations. The bins of fabric lying around his grandmother's home inspired him to take initiative and make use of his talent. He realized he wanted to use clothing as a way to impact peoples lives. Having a keen eye for detail and color, he set out to create a statement of his own. After experimenting with the different fabrics and textures, Kevin decided to start his own high-end pocket square line, in doing so Kevin decided that each pocket square be embroiled with his signature trademark- Cherry logo. In the words of Kevin himself; "I wanted to do something different from designers; a line of pocket squares that would be known for extravagant prints and vibrant eye-catching colors...not only do I want to exhibit the meaning of risk in fashion but I want to take risks to higher level."